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Love Fiercely. Love Fearlessly …

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. July 9, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. July 9, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


‘’Anything we love can be saved.’’ (Alice Walker)

‘’Witches have a saying – where there’s fear, there’s power.’’ (Starhawk)

Globally, things are serious right now. Problematic life and times, with more complexities in the post, in the years ahead. Many karmic chickens coming home on a micro and macrocosmic level – as personal, planetary and galactic evolution enters a crucial phase – it’s as though we’ve left the womb and are in the birth canal and it’s fairly uncomfortable. We are challenged to remember that our psycho-spiritual faculties are wondrously powerful. Apparently we only use about 6% of our capability. Whether or not we engage in protest or demonstration we can also do a lot in the subtle, energetic dimensions to augment/compliment all of the necessary 3D actions that we make.

This is about 2 things: (a) the urgent necessity of having a concrete spiritual/energetic framework or practice in your life and (b) long-term thoughts I have had about different layers of oppression in society and ways to effect change in the power balance. Reinforced by lucid dreams and visions that I have had that show the energetic equivalent of everything that happens here and the power of fear to control people. What do we do about those who choose to take up arms and oppress fellow citizens on behalf of the state? I’m taking mainly about racist police, private security firms, detention centre guards, companies that manufacture weapons and torture devices – and those who then use them.

The latest wave of racist police brutality in the US has shocked and sickened me. Since about 2014 there seems to be something akin to demonic possession going on in US law enforcement. It’s not a new thing, but the immediacy of cell phone reportage by civilians, is bringing the information home on a daily basis. I am saddened and disgusted by it and disturbed by the lack of political outrage from the international community. At the same time – inspired, because random and organised acts of bravery, leadership and community are now everywhere.

What used to be the official political ‘alternative’, is now an international groundswell of anti-authoritarian, anti-elite grassroots majority, who want social justice, equality, welfare, education, civil rights, clean energy, healthcare and respect for the environment. Also an end to bogus ‘austerity’ measures, an end to sexism, racism, homophobia and fascism of all kinds. This drive for a fairer world now seems global. Our governmental, economic and military/industrial complexes are hanging on by a thread of ideological credibility – which is manifesting in panic and brute force. No-one wants war anymore, except a tiny handful of profiteers. Information on how to create a new society is here and we can do it. It’s possible that the new self-governing structures of the future are being born in the protest movements of today.

Authors Octavia Butler, (dystopian but visionary science fiction) Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games) and Starhawk (author, witch and activist), have written fiction that foresees a dystopian future that necessitates super-human levels of courage from a defiant population. Such books are arguably, a blueprint for a revolution, though they may not have been intended as such. Anyone following the news in America, will have seen acts of protest that are shamanic in scope – the lone woman in a dress (pictured above, later identified as Leshia Evans from Brooklyn) confronting heavily armoured riot police, the man with the sign that says, ‘’We may have to die for this’’ (he knows and is ready) or Diamond Reynolds as she live-streamed the murder of Philando Castile as both her battery and he were dying. Deeds of self-possession, dignity and strength that shame both the police and those whose complicity allows the system to exist.

Here’s something that I urge people to do. You might not be able to participate physically in all the amazing intersectional challenges to authority that are happening. (Here are some them. Please visit their websites and social media streams for links to further resources and info. Black Lives Matter, OccupyStand Up To RacismMovement for Justice, Revolutionary Communist Group, Black Dissidents, Million Women Rise.)

But EVERYONE in these times can and should have a spiritual strategy. An ability to call on transpersonal, higher power. Call it what you will, but it needs to be on speed dial and well practised. Now is the time to have some sort of energetic discipline – not just a vague inclination, but a regime. This can include meditation, prayer, shamanic journeying, martial arts, kickboxing, Tai Chi or, whatever. There’s loads to choose from and something for everyone. Have something that trains your mind, body and spirit to endure, transcend and transform.

We know that first, we need to send love to the victims and survivors of the brutality …

Next, try this: I’ve long had a theory that the power dynamic would be utterly transformed if the people who joined the armed forces, police, prison guards, detention centre guards etc – could be encouraged to choose other routes. The elite needs automatons to do the dirty work and without them, would fail. Imagine a world where there were no more workers left to build tasers, electric batons, handcuffs, shackles, guns or bullets. No police left to wear helmets, boots and shields and no-one bothering to manufacture such things. No armies and no-one interested in joining them. I believe that focused intention can target this group of people. The power of prayer, magical intent and visualisation, IS REAL. Anyone who uses these techniques on a regular basis can attest that results can be profound in ways that transcend both place and time. Fear can be melted. Ignorance can be infiltrated with light. People (everything in fact) are nothing but fast vibrating energy and reality can be altered. Dare to reach in and alter it. 

As you go about your daily regime of whatever it is – take time to light a candle, run to your favourite spot on a high hill, gaze into the fire, or a bowl of water, or go deep into prayer, or trance. Spend a good, long intentional moment – anything from 10 mins to an hour – sending a fierce wave of loving containment towards lost and ignorant souls within the police and army. Start somewhere – anywhere – and know that it’s time well spent. (I’m feeling particularly motivated about the Black Lives Matter movement and US police brutality but there are other situations that need attention, too.) There are instances of police breaking down in tears when confronted with protestors holding up mirrors or offering flowers. If it can happen just once, to one individual – it’s possible. Make your visualisation real, with full production, sound, colour, light, the works. I find holding a crystal that has profound colour energy – especially rose or deep pink, helps. Once you’ve got the picture up and running, use your mind to melt it and kelp melting until the whole frame is suffused and the structure starts to transform. Be uncompromising. Be unrelenting. Go deeper and deeper in and MELT the picture …

If people were to do this in large numbers and then synchronised with others, the results might be surprising. 

Am I saying we have to love everyone and just offer virtual hugs to racists until they are healed? No. I am under no illusions. With regard to America specifically, it’s a systemically violent gun culture based on conquest and slavery. Police officers are trained like robots assassins, with racially biased arrest quotas that make sure the prisons are filled and plenty of money is being made through fines and spurious traffic violations and unbelievably, even ‘walking whilst black’  – baggy, low slung trousers – offences. (Yes, that is a real thing by the way – check out Reggie Yates recent Ferguson documentary.)

Thoughts about the ultimate nature of evil are possibly beyond the scope of this particular piece of writing. Where violence occurs, certain non-human energies feed and they can’t just be hippie-hugged and healed with rainbows, especially if there is no thread or connection to any kind of emotional spectrum. And terms of protest, we still have to put our bodies on the streets and fight for justice.

But there is hope. Love can win. ‘Light’ – as brilliantly defined by Pleiadean channeller and writer Barbara Marciniak, as INFORMATION, can win. Some police officers and soldiers (not all) started off believing that they were actually serving and protecting. That too, is love and if there is even a spark left of that, it can be used in this type of visualisation.

So … give it a try. Human minds and hearts are powerful. Let’s use them.

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Ways to get your ‘Groove’ back…



A light-hearted blog post. Ever felt stuck in old, repeating loops and thought forms, despite being a disciplined professional with good habits, spiritual practices and healthy routines that others would envy? Periodically, we all need a tune-up, a tweaking of our reference points. Those of us who practise ‘positive thinking’ don’t  always realise that whilst the conscious mind is busy ‘looking on the bright side’, the underlying dialogue can get stuck in a sort of low-level funk.

Whatever your industry or lifestyle –  you might be a musician, or artist, idealist, activist or dreamer, a self-help guru, entrepreneur, writer or inventor, I assume that you are an intelligent, questioning being, interested in and seeking maximum human potential? Yet, do you sometimes struggle with your own limitations and know you could function more freely and more intelligently? Our get-ahead culture focuses on speed, ambition, efficiency, task and goal orientated solutions, but what about all the more subtle parts of the self? How about some creative ways to have fun with your own perceptions and assumptions about the reality that you have constructed for yourself?

When your groove has become a rut…I give you my Top Ten Tips to get it back. Written from the perspective of an artist/ musician. They are mental, perceptual, philosophical. Play with them, don’t turn them into  a military drill!

1. Take a risk. When times are tough, we get conservative, we like to feel safe. Instead, take a leap! remember that first tour or festival, first time abroad speaking a new language or first impromptu radio appearance? Or a combination of all these experiences? Remember times when you’d had no sleep, no rehearsal, and everything was improvised? Remember the ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ quality and the magic, lucky feeling that you could not fail or lose? This is the ancient concept of ‘beginners luck’ or ‘beginners mind’ at work. Trust it. Do the thing that makes you afraid or uncomfortable. Without being self-destructive, be as curious as you can be each day with things that are unexpected, and that expand your horizons and experience. Like a snake, bite off more than you can chew. Confront your own blocks and your will find that you become the boss of your own comfort zone. Facing fear head-on, creates an incredible release of energy. It’s only when we face ‘death’ that we feel fully alive. Death as a metaphor can mean death of an illusion, the ego, self-image, or a comforting phase. It means change, movement – which is the only certainty we have.

2. Remember you’re an alien. ‘Make strange’ your surroundings by imagining you are seeing it all from the viewpoint of a visiting galactic tourist, from your favourite planet, whose denizens, customs and standards you respect and admire. The things about life that really, justifiably, piss you off: London traffic, the current government, the economy, crappy aspects of the media and celebrity culture, environmental destruction, corporate greed, the pain of your ancestors – you may start to find is just something you are encountering in your temporary stay. All part of the character of Planet Earth in her current phase of evolution. I’m not saying to forget the iniquities and injustices of our social systems – it all needs an overhaul, as anyone with a social conscience can see and feel. But letting it all go for a while gives you your sense of humour back, which will make you stronger in order to fight the good fight. It’s all temporary, you see. (Soon you will be reunited with your true kin from the Pleiades, Orion, Venus or wherever…)

3. Play games with chance, co-incidence and free-association. I don’t believe in handing over your power to external forces like fate or superstition. However, daily life is an oracle, if we practise the undervalued and all but lost skill of paying attentionObserve and notice patterns. They reveal that energy is in motion. Embrace chance conversations, and synchronicities. Try to spot and identify the tracks of animals. Watch the behaviour of insects and birds. Play guessing games, test out your clairvoyance. Extra sensory ability is, I believe, a muscle that can be developed like any other.

4. Create your own entertainment. Today, with laptops, iPads, iPhones, YouTube and Google, the availability of just about any kind of entertainment at the press of a button is a bitter-sweet luxury. It has the capacity to make us very intelligent and pro-active or very stupid and extremely passive. What could and would you do to amuse yourself if your internet went down, also the phone, also the TV? What thoughts could you have? What things might you learn? What physical abilities might you have to remember? In the relative boredom, what might you discover or create? We are so beset with rich visual stimulation that many of us neglect to explore our own visualisation skills. Try spending the evening silently gazing at a blank wall – you’ll be amazed at the images and altered states that you go through, quite naturally.

5. Practice Verbal and Mental Hygiene. You may feel pleased with yourself if you are able to practice the following – not speaking ill of others or of yourself, thus limiting the repercussions that our words can create if we indulge in gossip or complaints. But at any given point, the mental dialogue we carry around can be truly debilitating, simultaneously just off the radar, yet taking our best attention. It creeps up on us quietly and slowly…needless worries about the future, finance, past conversations, injustices, fantasies, advertising jingles etc. Stay in the present. Spit out that bone and feel the relief. Warning signs that the inner voices have become too turbulent are random instances of shattered crockery, bumps, accidents, getting jostled in the street or finding you’ve pulled off a nail or torn out your own hair.

6. Throw away the clock. Focus on the thing you have to do, not the time you have to do it. Things done slowly reveal themselves to fit just perfectly. They find their own time frame, taking no more or less than is needful. Observe your house and garden plants. Meditate upon cooking and eating – everything has its own rhythm. Why on earth is there any need to hurry? Is time a thing we can actually run out of?

7. Practise distance games. Pretend that your life is someone else’s and that you are reading the obituary. Chances are you would be impressed, right? That’s a pretty good life and record of achievement, you might reckon. So why are we so hard on ourselves? In dialogue with others, enjoy the sensation that the words are a radio or film script. Is this a movie you’d watch? Do the characters dilemmas interest and move you? If not, maybe you can change yourself or your social circle. Do the same with your daily actions, ambitions and issues. Would you waste 2 hours of your life watching this narrative at the cinema? Is your life truly epic and legendary in its scope? No? Then it’s time to change the script and raise the standard. Aim to be the heroine or hero of your own life – why not?

8. Embrace failure. What??? I hear you say. Yes, if you surrender to the extremes, an odd thing happens. Perspective happens. Ever lose everything and know with clarifying desire and heart wrenching grief, the value of what you lost, and just exactly what work you have to do to recover it? Ever step off your path and make a bad decision (which usually leads to another bad decision)? Curious how being off track can give you the absolutely best view of where you are not and where you need to aim for. While those on it sometimes can’t see it. When the only way is up, sobriety is ever-present. In any case, your ‘failure’ is entirely relative – paradise for someone less fortunate.

9. Connect with the elements. Yes, spend time in natural world…we have heard it before. How many times do we need to hear this, before we realise that our disconnection from the organic world is harming us and making us forget our own phenomenal nature? The elements call to us on a primal, archetypal level. If you live in mechanised city surroundings, it is even more crucial to do this and even easier to forget to do it. Therefore, do it. Feel the magic of lighting a bonfire and sitting with it all night. Feel the simple but definite excitement of a single candle lit in darkness. Experience the rush of a cold swim in rough sea or tranquil mountain water. Go out in high winds, thunder and lightning and yell your head off. Get your hands in the soil and plant some vegetables. Give your senses a treat. Smell is one of the most evocative and least understood of our senses. The scent of soil, seaweed, burning timber, rain and snow, decay, greenery, sun-kissed skin – all have a healing effect.

10. Very Big. Very Small. A mental game. Meditate upon the dimensions of things. Consider that they only exist in relation to other things. So, all is relativity and relationship. In your mind’s eye, zoom out from planet Earth. Then, zoom beyond. If you can, visualise our central sun, (one of billions in the universe) which is about 1,300,000 times the size of Earth. Then visualise the milky way and so on. Eventually you’ll come to a conceptual boundary, since the mind can only hold so much. Then what – what’s beyond the gate? Go there, see what you find. Eventually, there’ll be another gate. What’s beyond it? Do this for as long as you can. Float in the quiet peaceful darkness of space. When I see film of the inside of a human body, I’m struck by how much like space it looks. Maybe the furthest reaches of our infinitude are just a gap in the cell structure of a much larger organism that our instruments cannot measure. When you are ready, zoom back down – this time down into the earth, into the world of the insects – magnify and magnify their world, right down to their skin and wings and even what their mental space might look like. (They may be meditating upon the void, just like you.) Then zoom in further, beyond the Planck scale, down to the subatomic level, the very pixels of existence. Compared to this, atoms are giants, and the smallest insect is a universe.

There’s nothing like a bit of perspective. Life is miraculous, no?


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