Hi! I’m Faye, I am a Nu-Jazz singer/songwriter/guitarist. Based in London, UK. (Please click on this link to go straight to my website, Faye Patton…where you can find out more about my work.)

I originally created this blog specifically, (and I thought temporarily) to highlight the trip that I made to Japan, October 2010. I intended to go to Amami Oshima and spend time with the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers – to participate in their ceremonies and to be of any assistance I could. I knew that this would feed into my work as a musician, but it was mainly a spiritual/philosophical pilgrimage. In fact, none of us ever got to Amami, as we were derailed by a violent typhoon, which meant we all had to meet on the Southern mainland. It was a transformative, emotional experience, which held even more meaning considering the subsequent devastating events in Japan, with the earthquake and Tsunami.

What with the increasing, almost insane pace of life generally, the blog became a bit out of date. It took a while for me to adapt it into something bigger and change the title from ‘My Trip to Amami.’ (Apologies to anyone who’s confused as to the timescale! ) I’m now in the habit of blogging, so will continue. I have much to say about music, society, the cosmos, and these accelerated times of change. Which I view from one of the best seats in the house, slap-bang in the middle of London, UK.

My current CD Dangerous Loving, is available through the following: Free single download and pre-order (digital and physical) available through Bandcamp here. The album can now also be bought through CD Baby, here. and Jazz CDs, here.

All other official info/biog type music credentials, gig listings, CD sales can be found at  fayepatton.com

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