retro Bike colours


Oh Yeahhhh…another hot, smokey morning on the bike, with many great insights into the learning process. Universal principles that seem to apply to absorbing new skills – relaxation, trust, and determination combined with divine nonchalance. What is ‘divine nonchalance’? It’s that mindset that says I can do this – millions of people can and do learn this, that means me too. I can just as appropriate for and capable of this task as any other human person – especially as existing stuff that I do such as playing the guitar and martial arts are actually much more difficult. It helps that I have a very patient, encouraging and experienced rider as my informal tutor. (I have true gratitude and appreciation for this and will be sharing everything I know about running and how to run as a discipline and practice for health, fitness and psychological empowerment.) The joy of skill swapping!

I think they are getting used to me now in Morrison’s car park revving up and looking mean. Had a bit of an initial mental block about balancing – solution: leap of faith and more throttle/speed, then I loosened up. I was a lot better today with left hand/right hand intuition and trusting that I can crank it up a bit and still be safe. I managed to ACTUALLY RIDE  a little bit and my parking was graceful and controlled, with no falling off!

Still really early days. Do motorbikes and jazz go together? Don’t know. Not entirely sure where it’s all taking me, but don’t care. Am so looking forward to an entire world of nerdy pleasure opening down the oily, grime, gold and glitter strewn open road of the future. Engines, wheels, gears, accessories, terminologies and vocabularies, pals, maps, journeys, and of course…a whole world of leather. Oh Yeah.

Till next time,

Bye for now…


(P.S. For those that don’t know me, I am a ‘Nu Jazz’ singer/songwriter, pianist and guitarist, based in London, UK. You can can check out my tunes and videos on my WEBSITE and come and like my Facebook page. Come and say hi…I would love to hear from you!)


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