Whatever it is, begin it. Everyday. Start again. Don’t think about the time you have left, or may have wasted. Eyes in front. Start. Don’t look at the clock. Time is a poor container. Only connect deeply with the content that you have to do, then do. Sink magically and with conviction into your content and master time. Think in chunks, slices, segments, ribbons, minutes or epochs. It doesn’t matter. Just begin and begin every single second if you have to. Begin. When did you, as a being, as a process, begin? You always have been. In reality, you never were not and never will not be – in some form or other. There will always just be now. Even before, that was still now, from the point of view of then…so, get present and stop worrying about the illusion, the veritable tyranny of the linear. It’s not real. Even if you are 1 minute from death, use that minute to begin what you always wanted to do or be. Sounds mad? It’s about how you think about it. Just wake up! That faraway voice in the back of your head. That is the alarm clock. Begin the rest of your life – now!

Begin. Step out into thin air. There is glory in the attempt. Just do it. Allow it. if you have any sort of spiritual life, you know that you are just an instrument of some bigger cause. A precious fragment of an expanding idea playing with its own edges and limits. Therefore, what have you to lose? Did you waste the morning through sloth or procrastination? You still have the afternoon.

If you have trouble starting, it’s all about perception and attitude. How do you begin your day? Make it enjoyable in whatever way suits you. Welcome it in. Think about how you enter your day and also how you leave – as entry into the dream/sleep world is also a beginning, waking up on the other side.

Do you have trouble finishing? Well, finishing is also a beginning – the beginning of the new transition into the next phase that your project or accomplishment has caused. We are just reference points upon an unfolding skein of existence.

In the worlds of  jazz improvisation or martial arts manoeuvres, you may think you know everything there is – every lick, hook, sleight of hand, combination of kicks, punches and locks. You may have a virtuoso tool kit, honed by experience and years of study. But you never know the context, the form your challenges may take, or the new travelling companions that may turn up. Be prepared for absolute surprises in each and every moment. Do not expect things to take a certain course because that’s what always happened previously. Life favours long periods of routine followed by wrenching, paradigm bucking, imagination warping change.

That means you too! Get ready to begin!



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