BW Faye by Alvin

Sing. You owe it to yourself. Sing. Every day. I think that you want to. Sing for the joy of it. When you are tired, rusty, croaky and exhausted, sing! You will feel energised. Sing…it’s free. No password, fee, login, permission or preparation needed.

So just go ahead and sing.

Sing to the sky, the trees, the sea, small children, sing as you cook, shop, ride the bus. If speaking doesn’t quite express your feelings, sing it! Feel like crying? Sing it. Want to scream with rage? (who doesn’t, now and again). Let that shout go on and on and add some vibrato, just for fun. You’ll have a song. Have a good laugh and want to extend it? Sing it. Spend it. Bored walking home from work at 1am? Like jazz musicians and might owls do. You too? Sing, hum – hit the pavement like a drum. Having trouble with a song idea? Go for a run. Breathe in for 5, out for 2, marking each footfall as a crotchet. Notice how the ‘one’ keeps swapping sides? You are rhythm, pure and raw, notice that tickle in your jaw?  7/4 – balancing, whirling wheels of legs, wrists and pumping fists. Let the daily business of your tired brain trickle away. Play! Leap kerbs just for fun. At zebra crossings, be a zebra and speed double time, just for the thrill. Race squirrels uphill. Salute a crocus. Regain focus. Problems shift and solve, your verses, choruses and bridges mend, mesh and coalesce.

Sing. Seriously. You’ve just gotta sing. In grief and despair, frivolity and jollity, sing. In defiance and fear, sing. Sing through mistakes, glitches, wonky, scratchy pencil lead crumbles and vocal fumbles, register squeaks and distant peaks. Sing your way through categories, languages, genre and gender. Extend, reach, get higher, lower, deeper, stronger, longer, sweeter, darker, lighter. Sing your way to healing. And feeling. Sing of love, disappointment, heartbreak, passion, inspiration, frustration, blockage, lack, woe, desperation, redemption, forgiveness, hope, attraction, abundance. Holler, bark, chirrup, soar, roar, growl and howl, meow, honk, trill, warble, burble, belt, blast, blow, relish and embellish, decorate and emulate, ornament the firmament, let rip, trip skip, smoulder and smoke, drench, engulf, blather, blither, rumble, tumble, testify. ROCK. ROLL. Wreck the house.

Sing it. Swing it. Bring it. Befriend it. Blend it. Summon it. Send it.

Wing it. Take flight. Swoop, dive, find your call, know your signature sound. Fall. Retrieve. Believe that you can rise up of the ground. Flutter fluted feathers. Be a skylarking, scribbling siren of the air.

Be the buzz. Be the mellow bellow of a bear.

If you can speak, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance. If you have a heart, you have a beat. So step to it! (You have feet!)

You are your voice. Raw, polished, studied or unlearned, cooked and cooking, energy data, silver skater. Interstellar highway of juice and battery, soft and hardware, multidimensional mandala mind mashup smashup. High speed chop shop syllable salad or looping languorous lullaby of longitude across continents. Sans consonants. A E I O and U.


Your voice is you. Soul substance and spirit matter. Your history, scars and triumphs. Loyal life companion, daemon, angel, friend and lover. It has an intelligence of its own.

Use it.

Be super. Be sonic.


(Photo by Alvin Yap)

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