This Sat 9th March 12.30pm till late – Million Women Rise -massive demo Trafalgar sq. Women only march. Mixed rally, all welcome. I’ll be Feeling Good. And singing it. Did the piano backing in recording studio today and added a vocal for fun. Check it out, feel free to listen and share :

Today I have been telling people about this. Possibly the most amazing grassroots women’s movement of our time, happening right now in London. Had great conversations with female cab drivers, musicians, friends, family. Everyone needs to know. What will change the world right now is women’s voices – there’ll be plenty on Saturday. I have respectfully duplicated this photo, widely used as the figurehead image for the movement banners and leaflets. I really recommend visting the site and reading the shocking, sobering detail  and extent of the gender based violence that female residents of planet Earth endure. On an hourly basis.Yet still we smile, dance, sing, create, survive. And this is the era, fortold by all the Ancients, in which the Feminine will return for good.


And here’s the new donation site, (please share) :