Two very different Alice Coltrane tracks…early days and later days. Alice Coltrane died  less than 3 years ago, leaving a legacy of extraordinary music. She replaced McCoy Tyner in husband John’s quartet in 1966 and continued as band leader, preserving and continuing to showcase John Coltrane’s work. she became a Hindu in 1970, after meeting Swami Satchidananda, but even before this her work contains a spiritual, devotional aspect, and a characteristic tone and sound that is somehow transcendent of any musical category. Also a harpist and organist, arranger, composer and orchestrator, and above all, a superb improviser. The first track here is the oceanically dramatic ‘Prema’ (also featured on the album ‘Transfiguration – live at the Schoenberg Hall 1978.’ )

(And a note about the interviewer in the first clip – it’s jazz personality Marion McPartland, who was devoted to promoting and supporting jazz and was herself a phenomenal jazz/blues pianist  –  who warrants further coverage in a separate blog entry.)