The impressive jazz piano pedigree of Amina Myers is well-known to followers of the likes of Marion Brown, Lester Bowie, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra or any of the hard core New York jazzers of the ’60s and ’70s. She recorded a tribute album to alto sax player and composer Marion Brown, also a recording dedicated to Bessie Smith (featured here) and worked extensively as a side woman for many others, including fellow AACM member, trumpeter Lester Bowie.

In 1966 she joined Chicago’s AACM. (Founded in 1965,with the aim, “Great Black Music, Ancient to the Future.”) Myers recorded her first jazz album with fellow member Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre in 1969.

Relevant Books include,  A Power Stronger Than Itself: The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, (George lewis, University of Chicago Press, 2008) and the indispensable jazz companion As Serious As Your Life – the Story of the New Jazz, (Valerie Wilmer, Pluto Press, 1977). The sheer volume of work that this artist generated is really worth discovering. Here is a brief Wikipedia discography:

Collaborations with Lester Bowie