Two clips of  Ana Vidovic, showcasing, in order: Verano Porteno, Milonga del Angel, La Muerte del Angel and Primavera Portena – all by Astor Piazzolla,  the renowned  ‘New Tango’ composer and bandoneon player. I love tango…which is frequently associated with the piano, but here  collected in a beautiful suite for guitar. I have this collection in sheet music and long ago, had to play the 2nd movement, with it’s devilish pinched harmonics, for grade 7 or 8 (can’t remember!). Tango is often misunderstood as being all about passion and energy… but if you watch dancers of this form, it’s as much about the tension, the repression of holding back.

This player is as poised and solid as can be – expressive, yet totally at the service of the music and her guitar.

Also…Anyone notice how like jazz this sometimes sounds….?