Bring on the New Year. Bring on health, wealth and a (‘nother!) new album in the pipeline. Bring on travel, both physical and mental – not to mention inter-dimensional. Bring on increasing awakeness, levity and sobriety. Bring on compassion. Bring on patience, yet urgency. Bring on wisdom, via youth. Bring on freshness, via experience. Bring on self-discipline…but in a chilled out way. Let time stretch, bring on wormholes and solar storms and paradigms shifts and shake downs and shake ups and new, better places to place love and more suitable companions and right action and courage and faith and candid ‘can- do’ness and renewed pathways and starlit, stepping stones and remembered promises and the necessary trashing of outdated bonds. Bring on running in new pastures at dusk. Bring on different sunrises and alien winds. Bring on wet, young grass and audacious buds. Bring on full throttle singing. Bring on plane rides and ice cream and justice and peace and restitution. Bring on gigs, students, songs, strings, forgiveness, healing, excitement, clarity and humanity. Fame and Fortune. Bring on credit where credit is due and a sharing of quality of life – for all beings. Bring on love, curiosity and generosity. Bring on evolution. Surf’s up. Happy New Year.