What? Michelle Rodriguez? Yes. Boxing is martial and it’s certainly an art. Girlfight (director: Karyn Kusama, 2000) was Rodriguez’s first ever role, at aged 17, before the later fame of ‘Lost’ and the various other military action heroine parts for which she became known. How many people know that she trained so hard and so well, for the film,that she was approached by boxing coaches and was faced with a choice to continue with boxing, not acting? She rightly received eulogies for her debut, even Marlon Brando comparisons. Enjoy this (quite delicate) clip, then go and watch the whole thing.  I don’t like the title, as it belies the serious content – the film gives us genuine insight into the world of amateur boxing,  (including real footage/boxers) excellent cast and an alternately lyrical/banging latin/hip hop soundtrack.