Thai boxing star Jeeja Yanin was just 18 when she made the epic movie Chocolate. From the same studio and directors of ‘Ongbak’ and ‘Warrior King’, both starring the legendary Tony Jaa, Chocolate bore similar hallmarks… ultra violent, relentless and rather zany action, and moody cinematography. It’s an odd film – for me, the concept, and narrative pace hang together weirdly – but it’s worth it for the fight sequences. Jeeja plays an autistic teenager, who’s obsessive love of fighting and uncanny ability help her to protect her family from gangsters. It contains unashamed homage to Tony Jaa (at one point she is watching and memorising his moves on TV) and some of the sounds she makes are pure Bruce Lee. The DVD contains fascinating documentary footage of the filming and training, featuring bone crunching, eye watering injuries left right and centre.  No wire work, no CGI,  just punching, kicking, gauging, and kicking ass, in true Muay Thai style. Not for the faint hearted. (The sequel was not as good.)