Anyone notice that I’m doing a series on women of achievement in the realms of music? Alongside, I’m celebrating female martial artists. Inspired by my Top Fighter DVDS, which I return to again and again, I have, fortunately, found one of the best sequences, online. Got to love the 80’s costumes, clunky dialogue/subtitles and cheesy music. This is Michelle Yeoh in her Hong Kong based early days, before the fame of Police Story, James Bond and the much later cinematic exposure of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon that made her famous worldwide.

This clip showcases epic stunt work (some of it silly, just enjoy) and some very solid, applicable Wing Chun style street fighting. Also featured here is the legendary American star Cynthia Rothrock, a celebrity in her own right, who fought hard and successfully to get taken seriously in Hong Kong, as a woman and as a westerner. I originally wanted to showcase these women as individuals but the range of material to choose from is overwhelming – therefore their work as a partnership is ideal. Move over Cagney and Lacey….