Photo credit: Benjamin John

Times of increased light and energy after a hard winter.  Spending a good productive afternoon with my new PA knuckling down to admin tasks and sending high resolution shots to my CD cover designer. Oh, the joy of having a PA.  It makes me feel like I’ve really arrived as a serious artist to have someone leaning on me and helping me a bit. Thanks to the motivating influence of my genius engineer and sometime co-producer Felix Macintosh, I have been exploring so called new business models for artists and entrepreneurs in today’s changing world. One thing that’s advisable for independent artists and big time celebrities alike is to make sure you have time to do your ‘genius’ work – and to simply delegate your office stuff. Accept that someone else knows how to do the admin better and faster and pay them so you don’t have to. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have the money – prioritise it and do it…then…watch yourself bloom. Challenging at first, for the self-styled, self-managing control freaks amongst us. But worth it… and really good fun. What a relief to have a buffer zone of solidarity and support, laughter and jokes  when the rejections and criticisms come. And high fives and champagne – and more jokes – when inroads of success are made. We’ve had a really good day.

Listen out for me at JazzFM soon! – exact dates to be confirmed.

Check out my new track Bitter Seed, from my forthcoming album Dangerous Loving.


(By the way, my PA Becki Burrows, is a talented videographer in her own right. She has interviewed the likes of Usher, and the Flaming lips and has an uncanny knack for winning music biz competitions. Wish her luck with her latest by going to her website,