Tonight at about 7.15 GMT, I have seen what I think is my first flying saucer.

I took a very poor video but it’s not worth posting. I was shaking quite hard and also trying not to fall out of the window of my 4th floor bedroom, so the quality is hopeless.

Incredible day in London today. Baking hot spring weather, followed by a boiling crimson sunset. Lots of activity in the sky as always, in the form of many aircraft and very clear view of emerging constellations and space station, glittering and twinkling above the city. The air alive with voices, sirens, dogs, laughter, car horns, the usual.

I often look out of my propitiously positioned loft room, hoping to see space visitors. Usually my eye travels straight to the space station which glitters a little too hard and seems to shoot of flares to the left.  Usually I sigh and tell myself to stop wishing.

However, tonight I looked off to the East and saw it, hovering over the Victoria Park area. Not a scout, but what I’d call a large vessel. At first it was a bright hoop of light, it’s edge emitting regular flashes – appearing in these moments like a diamond ring. It floated slowly, in a leisurely way up and down and to the side, then appeared denser, yet porous, then its shape became the classic flying saucer; a little dome with a porous ring of light. A flying saucer. I need to write and read that again. A flying saucer. A flying saucer.

The verbal dialogue I had with it whilst trying to organise my camera, will remain for my ears only. I started to lose my composure a bit when the whole thing started to increase and morph in size – still porous, still filled with light, like a deep-sea creature. It looked the size of a small zeppelin, though hard to tell scale. It disappeared behind rooftops for a while, then, tantalizingly re-emerged. It didn’t repeat the sudden swelling in size. I will check news and internet because the whole of East London will have seen it. I am prepared for cover-up news reports of a promotional weather balloon to publicise the Olympics. I ran out into the road but ran indoors again, knowing I had to be high up.

And the weirdest thing is that the event was heralded, in what I can truly call a pre-cognitive dream, about 3 days ago. I looked up to see – a plasma lightship – slightly different time of day, it had the colours of sunset, cloudy blue and orange – not so much a flying saucer shape, but like a blood cell, or a round, inflatable dinghy.

These truly are the days of thoughts bringing themselves to life. Let yourself and your desires press gently into the fabric of life and the feedback will come. Dreams are coming true. Reality is breaking up and the veil is lifting.

I have no fancy visuals for this post and have doubts about whether to post it at all. Do I really want this in the public eye.?  I don’t care if people are cynical, I know I’m in good company and I’m looking forward to further sightings and contact. I’m out of the closet on this one.

I’m grateful for all the kindred souls around the planet who are working along the same lines. Very inspired by the blog of Steven Beckow – whose views on Galactic Intervention and Disclosure are fascinating and encouraging.

Please if you live in London and are aware of (and friendly towards) unusual cosmic appearances in the sky, holler at me – be great to hear from you.

From the sublime to the ridiculous to the sublime, I’m off to watch The L Word, then say my prayers for the day and re-enter the Dreaming.