Absolutely have not known how to approach writing blog entries, in the wake of these disasters in Japan.

Continuing to write whimsical philosophical journal entries seemed a bit useless, until I realised through my main website stats, that the amount of traffic this blog is getting is quite good. So maybe it can be used to float some useful ideas, just as in the beginning it was a possible forum to help publicise the work of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Here are some brief thoughts and ideas for donations. I have been asked by loved ones there to pray, above all pray. Much like the online guided visualizations that came after the Mexican gulf oil spill – concerted prayer and image work is an ongoing necessity now. This is something we can all do and everyone has an equally valid personal method.

A Japanese friend on Facebook has recommended the following:

mouth-mountains. greenwebs.net/donate_page

Different language options available. And please befriend me on Facebook (link on main page) in order to keep up to date with the stream of dialogue – including bank details which I’m reluctant to post here, until/unless I am given permission. For now, if you wish to donate, just go to the link. Here it is again.

mouth-mountains. greenwebs.net/donate_page

If you are someone who knows me, (I don’t recommend if not) by all means use the PayPal buttons I still have mounted here on the blog, originally to fund the Trip to Amami last October – and I will pass it directly on. If I was a random member of the public though I wouldn’t trust that, and so I recommend the above site and here’s some others. People have different opinions about NGOs and faith-based aid organisations, not sure what I think at times like this.

Japanese Red Cross

British Red Cross

Save the Children

Global Giving

Medicines Sans Frontiers

Japan Society

Another option if you live in London, UK, is to head down to the Japan Centre, where staff are collecting donations in their busy international shop  travel centre and website.

Japan Centre

But above all let’s never estimate the power of our thoughts to rise above adversity and achieve the seemingly impossible.