How I crave sunlight on my skin and on my bones. The urge to buy new running shoes. The noticing of small changes that point to the slow turning of the wheel.  Fat, confident snowdrops today in the community garden. Lighter evenings, the sunset wearing a light breezy cologne. Spring not here yet but she’s definitely wafting about getting ready. Dressing in alternate frost and balm. Feeling the excitement of the seasons lining up for their 2011 pageant.

Loving just the bare basics. Spade slicing into soil. Carefully avoiding dancing worms. If we take away all the daily static of our dependence on technology, at the end of everything – there will just be earth, air, water, fire. Day after day, I come back to the discipline of the classical guitar – the wooden box as my old teacher used to call it. Wood, vibration, gut, the skill of fingers, ears and soul.  Simple, soulful conversations with friends. Routine of getting up, putting guitar and percussion into basket and going to sing songs for babies and toddlers. Seeing their small changes week by week. New words, expressions, wobbly first steps. Feel gratitude that my life has grown into a shape where not a day goes by where I don’t sing. It’s like breathing now and I forget when I first noticed that it had become so.

We are at (just past, last night)the Pagan festival of Imbolc – in later Christian times it became Candlemas, associated with St. Brigit, but really she is Brigid, or Briga – an aspect of the Great Goddess – lighting her spark in the darkness, turning back towards the Sun and times of regeneration. Wishes, hopes, spell making, dreaming, the seeding of beautiful plans…


The Golden Mean, by Annabel Lyon – an unusual Canadian novel , reimagining the story of Aristotle and his pupil Alexander…the Great. An excellent example of the magic of good fiction to expand our concepts of possible histories.

Holding up Half the Sky (How to change the World), by Sheryl Wudun and Nicholas D. Kristof – ”a call to arms against the most shocking and widespread human rights violation of our age”. That’s right folks, the global subjugation of women. Not news of us to those of us that know – but so glad there are more and more mainstream books about it.