Finished mixing my new album this week. A nerve-wracking time of letting go and moving on. All creation involves destruction. Every new leap, every new choice requires that some things be discarded so other may live. End of pregnancy – time to fall in love with the child. Christmas, such as it was, shot by in a haze of flu and strange mood swings,  alternate wakefulness and comotose sleepfullness, ‘not knowing what day it wasness’. Below is Clissold Park, North London – in the deep midwinter, just before the Solstice. On the Solstice itself, I prepared the small fire pit we have in the garden. I prayed to the 4 directions and buried within the pit, the following: a handful of volcanic ash from the volcanic geoparks of Kagoshima in Southern Japan. A handful of pure never-been-in-the-earth Shinto shrine salt, from my new friends the Chino family in Mount Takao, Tokyo. A handful of ash and charcoal from the heartfire of the Grandmothers, taken from our ceremonial hearth under the volcano in Kirishima. (This is the fire that never goes out, lit and relit from the original inaugural Grandmothers fire of 2004.) A single cacao been, brought from Mexico to Japan, by Grandmother Julietta Casimiro – there to be infused with prayer and blessing and offered as food to the Gods. As we left the sacred site in Japan, we were all encouraged to take both ash and beans and keep… the… fire… burning. The light in the darkness. I’ll do my bit for as long as I can.

In the unfolding Mayan prophecy theories of our times…as much cosmological musing is made of 2010, as of 2012 itself. I am no astrologer, but I know we’ve seen some extreme planetary activity and some extreme dramas on the world stage this year.  My interest in the Pleidean mysteries, especially the writings of Barbara Marciniak, has brought me across the concept of the ‘holographic insert’. This is the idea that certain world events or phenomena that we think are ‘real’, are a sideshow put here to distract. Literally inserted seamlessly, (almost seamlessly) into our dimension. The perpetrators and manipulators of these inserts are not even what we might think of as the State or the Government. They are much larger energies that control even our largest systems (leaders, countries, religions, corporations) like puppets, eating their psychic emanations like food. Examples of what might constitute a holographic insert could include: various world wars and disasters, alien visitations, royal weddings, various politicians and celebrities, religious belief systems or customs. How to spot them? Watch for the strings, the cardboard film set quality, the odd sense that something feels wrong. More easy to spot are the blatant manipulations by governments themselves – the overwhelmingly suspicious timing of the campaign against Wikileaks being one – the shameless bombardment of our minds with advertisements for goods that we don’t need, being another.

Keep your senses sharp in 2011. Watch for the stories behind the stories. The plans within the plans. I seek kindred spirits. Those into esoterica, progressive politics, jazz, civil rights, martial arts, spiritual philosophy, poetry, history, crop circles, jerk chicken, shamanism, lucid dreaming, witchery, wizardry, women’s liberation, rhythm and blues, foreign language cinema, S + M and table tennis – drop me a line and share your thoughts as to how we’re going to make a better world.

I leave you with a dream. I dreamed of a snake. At first it was a mouth, rainbow coloured, shimmering in and out of visibility like Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat. It was smiling…then the rest of the snake appeared around it. The mouth was high in the air but my viewpoint was also in the sky, level with it. Then more levels to the snake appeared –  like a cake stand, it had a lower platform on which many brown snakes lay coiled, like the leavings of sand worms on the shore. Then the snake, hungry and provoked into a chase, appeared in its entirety. White, with a red stripe down its spine. It was colossal – the size of many dozens of dinosaurs, stacked end to end. Excited and in hunting mode, it tore over the land, mouth open, carving a gully the size of a motorway in the earth. It’s size and motion were so huge I could not keep it all in my vision as the air itself was shaking. I seemed to fly before it, always just out of reach. The whole thing was like a game, a thrilling daredevil dash, and the snake, though potentially terrifying, was not sinister. It did what was in its nature to do and brought with it a kind of wild joyous sense of cleansing and refreshment.

Happy New Year…