* STOP PRESS…wanted to include here, this link to a Jose Arguelles lecture (in 4 parts). Sent to me via newsletter, by the 2012/13  blogger, author, 13 mooner and ‘natural timer’, Eden Sky. Click below.

Jose Arguelles – World Forum of  Spiritual Culture, Astana, 2010.


Lucid dreams last night. In and out of many dream states.

Two nights in a row, I dreamt I was returning to Japan. Last night, I saw the exact same sum I paid for my first airline ticket. Then I was in a meadow with a man of  the American First Nations, a fusion of costumes and personalities. We played in the meadow, then sat and dangled our feet in a ‘pond’ that seemed to have no water. I saw that rainbow ripples were pulsating all along his feet and hem of his trousers, and that these were refracting and reflecting onto to him from  a huge lump of crystal the size of a traffic cone –  also filled with rainbows. Then the man said that both rainbows and crystals can be found anywhere if one looks for them. I carefully turned over a rock and disturbed a large spider which was moss coloured and crab-like. I gradually realised that we were surrounded by such spiders, who were all beginning to wake up. With a mass creaking/groaning sound, they began to leave the meadow.

After dreaming of this figure, not such a great surprise to find in my inbox a message from shamanic musician HIRO – with whom I made a profound connection with on the trip.

Much is said in shamanic tradition about the Ancestors. All indigenous cultures have a strong concept of the ancestors as being alive and present , as real as those of us still walking the earth. Ancestors can be invoked, invited to  summoned in prayer, prayed for, petitioned, comforted, healed and bonded with. In some extreme cases, repelled or confronted. They are family and their unique spirit perspective the holds the key to many of our riddles, as individuals and as a species. ‘Ancestors’ can be our biological relatives in the past or the future – because our future descendants give birth to new ideas of us and dream their way back to us, thus changing the course of history.

The concept of Ancestors never moved me especially – like the idea of the Grandmothers – it seemed abstract and unrelated to me. And whilst the idea of the next 7 generations (and how our actions affect them) is also hugely important to native cultures – how does that work if one is the kind of woman to whom birth and procreation is alien. Yes, I do mean alien. A jarring wrongness. In terms of biological ancestors, I know little about my family tree, beyond the last 2 generations of Northern Irish and Scots (I think). Then there is  fact that the matrilineal lineage cannot easily be traced and that my name is not even my own, not even if I take my mothers name. That’s not hers either.

Ancestors…for a long while I just couldn’t get it. Or maybe was scared of it. Some of the past life experiences that I remember are not of pleasant periods in history., also I have some feelings concerning the above mentioned issue, that women are given their fathers’ names through the current patriarchal system. But maybe if I am prepared to go further back, past the chaos, past the witch burnings, religious crazes and wars, back into the deep interior of space – there, amongst the stars I find something to connect with. Reading some of Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadean writings – a light went on in my head. Maybe those of us that feel a little weird, a little aloof from the daily human round, who struggle to read emotions and facial expressions, who seek solitude yet long to create community…maybe we are descended from the dragons and reptiles and other non-human entities. So, the concept is a wide as your imagination can make it. Native American tradition sees the whole web of life as a holistic system – prayers tend to include for ‘all my relations’ – so Ancestors can be from the star, bird, animal or tree nations. Or indeed anywhere else.

Family is where you find it…

Here are some memories…