Well, it’s the last blog entry before I leave. If time permits, I may be able to do an entry from Tokyo on the way back.

It seems only proper that I should be travelling on the back of some amazingly lucid dreaming. Night before last, I managed to sustain lucidity, within a dream for an entire voyage – over Japan. On a cream coloured Palomino horse, that flew through the air. A true ally. I managed to summon it to me, after finding myself on a modern housing estate – and lucid. I remembered that my intention for the last week or two, had been to seek power and protection from animal spirits. At this point I saw the horse approaching. It had its own rider – a humanoid skeleton, with an animal skull for a head. The rider dismounted and I asked the horse if it would consent to be my mount. It sank to its knees and I got on, expecting to ride, but very surprised when we took to the air. The hide of the horse was buttery and ‘meltey’ to the touch. We flew for a long time and I asked it to show me where I was going in Japan. It showed me an island landscape that I’ve seen over and over again in dreams – houses, beach, forest and a strange post-industrial sea filled with ugly/beautiful power stations, piers, slipways and surreal buildings.

A vision of the future ? Or a parallel version of a particular area?  All achingly and satisfying familiar – though not conventionally attractive in a picture postcard way. Not the horse, the rider, or the landscape. But…my heart trusts it.

Running out of time…better sign off.

Above, yet another picture of the Sun setting over Culmstock beacon.

Good night. (Oya suminasai.) I hope I get there safely and can do my best with and for the Grandmothers.