*Trip update – everything ready to roll, can’t believe it’s come up so fast. Trying to remain present and just get through each moment without getting too over-excited. Have Yen, passport, airline receipt, event schedule, secured hotels, suitable clothing, sunblock, anti-histamines, passable basic language…er what else….need to print out maps of Tokyo metro.

* Album update – finished all the recording at 9pm last night – final edit/mix/master/duplication etc when I return in November. Hopefully a Christmas or New Year release.


* Dreamt that I arrived early in Japan. Very stormy and windy, with a dark, dramatic sky – colder than I expected. Billowing long green grass and forest. A gravelly landing strip or car park. Yellowy, creamy gold snakes everywhere sliding in and out of vegetation. One slid over my foot very slowly and quietly – stopped there for a while then slid on – as it moved I saw that it was entwined with another and they moved together in plaited formation – (the idea of a caduceus occurred to me later.) No sense of alarm , more a nerve-tingling sensation of being in  the presence of something auspicious. Then dreams several nights running of a walled garden or orchard. Much activity/significance to do with the wall. last night I had exhilarating fights with a large pale gold mountain lion creature. It would run at me and I would at it – we would collide and knock each other back about 10 feet, snarling – then we’d do it again. Then, more animal fighting – me standing on the wall as creatures launched themselves at me and I swung, turned and dodged, trying to apply Aikido principles (i.e don’t be there – let them fall into empty space).

Absolutely thrilling.

The previous night, I was also on the high brick wall of a similar orchard – hanging backwards, with impossible flexibility in my back. There was a large energetic tiger/lion in the garden, and a small girl running about. I saw the tiger creature move intently towards the child, her running away down a path. I thought, you’d better run a bit faster…Then, a bit later I saw them walking together side by side, calmly, in step.

After dreams like this, I feel integrated somehow and blessed and assisted with wildness and strength from the other dimensions.

Anyone else dreaming of the following?

* Medium-sized or large golden cats that seem lion/tiger/cat hybrids.

*Odd, surreal out 0f character animal conjunctions – ‘lion lying down with lamb’ style.

*A vortex of swirling animals rising up into space (leaving the earth?)

* Horses riding on each others backs, nestled in order of size, Russian doll style.