Well, it’s nearly time. Less than a week. Miraculously, everything is sorted out – all the particulars are booked and paid for. Now it’s just me that has to get myself in gear.  Really find myself needing to wind down this week and get into the correct frame of mind – not easy when work, music and the ever present 10,000 things of the Tao keep on milling about and grabbing my focus. Ups, downs, new friendships, students and uncomfortable domestic conflicts. Work/financial issues that need my attention now, otherwise I’ll return from my trip to an overload. I really do think these are the times spoken of by the Pleiadeans, through human channels such as Barbara Marciniak, and others. Multiple realities that have to co-exist side by side. Beginnings, and endings, ignorance and enlightenment, compassion and hatred, gold and sludge…all seeking their own, in a free will universe of  plural dimensions. Or,’ it’s all good’ as my drummer likes to say.

It really is all good – all meant, somehow.

I use often and find most useful, the Jamie Sams medicine card pack. An animal, pulled at random from this oracular deck, can truly enhance one’s day, and the interpretation of events. Especially when there is a decision to be made, or action to be taken. I like to do one before a day in the studio – often the animal medicine alerts me to possible currents of opportunity or potential obstacle. Imagine my temporary speechlessness last Saturday, when I encountered the following: Having pulled Squirrel in the medicine pack (keyword: gathering) I went early that morning to the recording studio. Tired, wired, full of the business of the day, I’d already forgotten about the card. I sat outside – concrete building, door, walkway, all concrete, no trees, no green, no branches. From nowhere, a squirrel started slowly but very intently making a beeline for me, coming so close I had to say…’er, I don’t think so mate…’ Only briefly discouraged, it then hopped onto the wall, and then came towards me again – fearless, nonchalant. At that moment my engineer turned up and said, ‘…that your squirrel?’ at which point it hopped away. Only as I walked through the door did I remember the medicine card. I literally couldn’t speak.

Worlds poking through into other worlds.

I go now to watch, (if I can get a signal) ‘Lip Service’ on BBC3. Lesbian drama based in Glasgow. I guarantee there’ll be a power surge as we all tune in, eager to see something, anything of gay interest. Let’s hope it inspires – expectations will be high!

I’ll leave with this thought: I want to respect and celebrate and take time to notice all the varied animal medicine around us – tiny movement of exquisitely armoured insects, the hidden industry of worms, prehistoric articulation of woodlice, the glorious confidence of cats in the sun, foxes slinking between cars, the uncanny humanity of dogs on leashes outside the post office, the jewel like perfection of garden spiders hanging in webs throughout September, even in the city.

Here are pictures of the Habu snake, native to Okinawa and Amami and the general locality, where I will be next week. A type of pit viper, highly venomous – to be respected. This means long sleeves and trousers for me…organisers of the Grandmother’s event have warned us not to walk in the long grass. So, I send prayers and greetings ahead and pledge my intention to tread gently and mindfully on the home of these amazing beings.  Snakes make many people uncomfortable, but I can’t help but love them. For me they represent sexuality, healing, wisdom, alchemy, regeneration, initiation, and the life cycles of nature. Unsurprisingly, in the medicine card pack, their key word is transmutation. Which is exactly what we will need to embrace in the coming times.