*AMAMI TRIP UPDATE…flight booked, accommodation in process of being sorted by travel agent. Juggling funds for remainder of deposit, coach fares, survival, contingency etc. Different routes considered. Amami Oshima is tantalisingly close to (and considered part of) Okinawa…considered trying to combine the two. I’ll be there for 10 days, so who knows, but the connecting destination in all cases is Tokyo, overnight stay, then coach to domestic airport Haneda. Then, 2 hour flight to the island.

Oh, here’s Devon again…

As above, so below

As above, so below. View from Culmstock Beacon, Devon, August 2010. In the (extreme) distance, Dartmoor. Many times I have walked up here and hoped that extra-terrestrial relatives would land and take me back home…

Some interesting thoughts about water. Our bodies are at least 70% water. Likewise the surface of our planet. We die quickly and easily without it. Babies gestate in it and are able to be birthed into it and breathe it. As Bruce Lee said, ‘Be water my friend’. A quote dredged up so often by us hard core Bruce Lee fans, it’s a cliche. But true… it’s what we are. I practise Aikido, in which we often work with images of amassed water or wind. As we make the external physical trajectory through space we visualise an internal reality that, if deliberately ‘seen’ with the inner eye on a habitual basis, starts to become real. Waterfalls, tornados, storms, gushing hosepipes, tsunamis – the element of water is a profound one in any martial art. There’s a contoured softness which nevertheless, brooks no argument. Water cannot be countered using the traditional weapons of war, pulverising mountains into sand, drilling holes in stone and reducing civilisations to rubble.

(Brief photographic Aikido related interlude – myself, in Greenwich Park…)

A Japanese scientist, Masuru Emoto, has conducted experiments in which monks send focussed prayer and intention into water. It can be seen under a microscope that the crystalline structure of the water is changed and imprinted with the thought vibration. Focussed thoughts of love,  produce harmonious, pleasing shapes. Thoughts of ill will produce patterns of seeming distress and dis-ease. Certain Islamic holy texts and mandalas were ‘thought’ into the water and created esoteric, geometric shapes of coherence and  mathematical balance. Proof, if proof were needed, from the world of scientific fact – that perception creates reality. We are capable of (and responsible for) impressing what we wish, upon the substance of life. Chaoticians and quantum physicists have brought into more popular awareness, the notion that scientific objectivity is a lie, since the nature of the observed, changes as it is observed. Indeed, the very act of observing sets up a change. Nothing is truly still.  I enjoyed and can recommend the film What the Bleep Do We Know?– especially the 5 hour, multi-disc ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ version. It’s a sort of ‘new physics for beginners’, with lots of user-friendly discussion about the Planck scale (smallest measurement known to science) Chaos theory, particles, waves – all unpacked for the lay-person. It features Dr. Emoto and his work, including amazing pictures of the affected water. As pointed out in the film, if we are mostly water, and ill or good will can alter the crystal structure so radically – imagine what our unguarded, ungoverned thoughts can do to ourselves, our bodies, other people – for better and for worse. The implications are enormous. It makes one really aware of mental hygiene and of the power inherent in the simple act of blessing one’s food or wishing a friend, stranger, or even adversary, the best, most highest good that we can.

During the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, one of the things the 13 Grandmothers did, was to create and send a ‘net of light’ through mental intention and in concert with like minds, in synchrony. Prayers and requests were put out over the internet to join in with orchestrated visualisation, to repair the networks of energy underneath the ocean bed. Also, to remotely influence and assist workers struggling at the site of the leak. For various reasons, I found it difficult to synchronise with this at the right time in the right way – and will never know if what I did was good enough. But before the event I was shown the net of light, or a version of it, or something with a similar function, in a migraine-induced vision of sparkling clarity. (The wisdom of an ailment like a bad headache is that it forces the body to slow down and integrate. These days if a migraine approaches, I know it’s coming with some kind of data download – so I don’t worry too much.)  I saw my own interpretation of such a net or tunnel/funnel, stretching out under the sea in shades of prismatic apple green and piercing blue, suffused with sunlight, even at depth. I barely knew how to use, direct, or travel along such a structure – but I recalled it in my mind’s eye repeatedly and held the image – and still do. I would say to anyone experimenting with prayer, meditation and healing visualisation – not to be bewildered by constructs of time and distance. They’re  persuasive illusions. I believe that it’s possible to send intention around corners, back through time, forwards into the future (and thus paradoxically and simultaneously into the past from future location, which from it’s own perspective, is more correctly, the present.) Outside of our illusory 3 dimensional realm, there is only  ‘Now’-ness and an eternity of time and space. One can always send healing intent no matter how far away or long ago. No such thing as too far or too late. It can be enough just to show up and be. And the doing – the doing is often best approached as ‘not-doing’, non intervention, no effort, no exertion, just presence. This is as powerful as anything.

And I would be fascinated to know if anyone else out there is being shown at this time, similar images: nets, prisms, tunnels or funnels in dreams or waking visions.