Been away from the blog, sorting out admin, doing more recording, teaching guitar students and liasing with my web people having discussions about widgets and HTML – hopefully to be incorporated more effectively in this blog soon. Well…

MY FLIGHT IS BOOKED! I’m going! I will be in the air on my birthday, which is something I’ve not done before…I am going to join the Grandmothers in Japan and do my bit and just be there in the beauty of Amami Oshima and hopefully not get bitten by the Habu snake.

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the years… a lyric from Fiddler on the Roof that I used to sing as a kid. I’d sing my part but would hear the 4 part harmonies simultaneously in my head. 4 track mind. I associate sunsets with a quickening of energy – an intensification, a heating/stoking of the world, ready for the timelessness and liminal, chaos space of night. It’s a favourite time for me. As something of an insomniac, I tend to greet the sunrise feeling groggy and finally ready to sleep. I’d like to close the gap between the two. Here’s another picture I took of  that same iron age beacon in Devon. When I look at it, I can feel the heat pulling down into the bones of the earth.

One of the things the Council of 13 Grandmothers talk about, is reverence for the earth and all it’s nations – the 4 leggeds, the flying ones, the swimming ones, the ‘creepy crawlers’ the Stars and Trees…all are nations of beings with an indwelling consciousness that must be respected and worked with, asked permission of, if necessary. They are trying to revive this sense that we are all co-dependent on our fellow creatures, humans, elements and natural resources for our survival. Therefore, it’s ironic that in the coming together of this massive event, this conference of like minds, shamanically inclined souls…much jet fuel will be used. Yet this is what/all we currently know or (officially) have the means to do. In his book, ‘The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight’, Thomas Hartmann talks about the dependence on oil running so deep that this also includes the means to make eco-friendly power (wind turbines, material for solar panels, fuel to feed heavy part creating machinery). In other words we need oil to make ourselves free of it. Anything made from plastic in daily life is made from oil. Yet, he argues that things would be slightly better in future if we were to use the last of our fossil fuel to do this – to explore the alternatives. He talks of all oil and coal as being trapped sunlight – oil was once vegetable matter – dense, mile-high prehistoric forest, covering continents – that then sunk below and was compressed by tectonic activity of unbelievable magnitude. I like this idea that everything is light.

Unofficially, humans do now possess the means to generate power through geothermal heat, and wave power. The scientists of the Venus Project, based in the States, (and featured in the excellent Zeitgeist films) have produced blueprints for heating homes using the heat that radiates from the core of the planet. Also  ways to harness the huge power created by tidal movement. (obvious, really.) Most exciting, is the potential of oversea bridges which could support high speed bullet trains (not so different from the classic Japanese bullet train). These initiatives are perfectly feasible but blocked at every turn by the ultra-rich corporations that control American government. There’s an interest in not developing sustainable energy, in keeping resources corralled and scarce, so that war can be maintained and pursued.

Since this is a blog, not a thesis – I feel I can be less than scholarly in citing bibliographic sources. I’ll just mention books that I recommend and I hope that people will read and investigate further, share and comment. There is so much to find out. The Venus Project was a revelation to me and I’ve not been the same since knowing. (You mean we can do this and we’re not? This is insane). I found the Zeitgeist films at The Conscious Media Network which has many video archives. US based. I admire Americans who are going against the grain of their own country – it’s necessary and takes some bravery.

Here are some resources, that deal with mind/body/spirit/ecology/magic.  Excuse me if publisher/dates are absent:

Grandmothers Council The World – Carol Shaefer

Wild – Jay Griffiths.

PipPip – A Sideways Look at Time – Jay Griffiths.

Awakening To the Spirit World – Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman.

Bringers of the Dawn – Teachings from the Pleiadians – Barbara Marciniak.

Food of the Gods – Terence McKenna.

Soil and Soul – Alistair McIntosh.

Any/all books by Carlos Castaneda

The Witches Promise – Florinda Donner-Grau.

Any/all books by Lynne V. Andrews.

Inner Paths to Outer Space (Journeys to Alien Worlds through Psychedelics and Other Spiritual Technologies) – Rick Strassman and others…

Any/all books by Robert Moss, concerning lucid dreaming.

Any/all books by Starhawk (Wiccan witch and political activist.)

Any/all by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Anything (books, audiobooks, webinars) byClarissa Pinkola Estes.


Tai Chi this week – more sword form, dancing, hip swirling Qi Gong, and dynamic, whiplash rolling hands/hips and multiple changes. I thought I’d found the ultimate abdominal workout through Pilates – but I think this is actually even better…