Nuts! Daiwa will not fund me…unfailingly courteous, they explained that the time scale doesn’t fit with their trustees, who meet to review proposals in October and make decisions in November – and they don’t fund projects retrospectively. This will be an issue – the short notice of the trip and I suppose it’s fairly standard for these things to be set in motion a year ahead or more. Oh well, I am not discouraged! I remain sure of heart! Planning to talk to PRS, SOAS, Sasakawa Foundation, Japan Society…many on my list…

Today, much rain. Regeneration. A washing of the palette. I watch with interest to see what emerges.

Today, in Tai Chi, 24 form, sword form, meditation (the luxury of just being still for a bit) and much sticky/pushy/roly attacks and counter attacks. A challenge for me not to be too blocky/chunky Wing Chun-ish and more fluid and snakey whiplashy.

Speaking of the Grandmothers, last night I dreamed of my own Grandmother, dispatching the TV set with a devastating kung fu kick. What means this??

Onwards, with thanks, with huge gratitude for help already pledged. Another beautiful view of Devon – this time the beach, Westonmouth, near Sidmouth. A haven for Ravens, peregrine falcons,  shiny, carapaceous, beetles and the odd salmon coloured slab of gypsum.